Bond 2020: Our Vision for the Future



The addition of a full-sized gymnasium will allow greater scheduling flexibility of PE classes, free the use of the current multi-purpose room for a cafeteria and provides additional practice space for all district student athletes.

Classroom Door Safety Locks

All district classroom doors now have a thumb turn key safety lock with a visual cue.  The doors may be quickly locked or unlocked in an emergency from inside the classroom without a key.  The district is also moving to a standard lock to minimize the number of keys needed by staff members.
door locks

Reid and High School Roofing

Large portions of both Reid Elementary and High School roofs were replaced.

Reid Rook

HS Roof1

HS Roof 2

VoIP Phone System

Our phone server was replaced and each office, classroom and learning space was outfitted with new classroom consoles.   The district also completed work for the federally-required e911 mandate.  Any 911 call made from within the district can be traced to the room or location in any building, saving precious minutes in the event of an emergency.
 office phone

Student Devices and Wireless Access

The wireless network was upgraded and expanded to include an access point in every classroom and greater coverage in common areas such as gyms, cafeterias and auditorium areas.  This will give classes a better experience when using wireless devices.   

Chromebook carts were purchased for the High School and Middle School to check out on a daily basis.  Oaktree has a shared classroom set per two classes and Reid has a small group set of 5/6 devices per classroom.   Each teacher was provided with a chromebook tablet that will allow flexibility when moving around the classroom.  Every wireless device is capable of connecting to any interactive board in the district.
Oaktree Cart  Teacher Device    HS cart

Stadium Fencing

About the Bond Proposal

The Goodrich Area Schools Board of Education asked the community to vote on a NO-TAX RATE INCREASE bond on the August 4, 2020 ballot.  The proposal passed and work has been on-going to provide district-wide improvements to address  facility, safety, and educational needs based on years of strategic planning, facility assessments, and stakeholder input.

This bond will address security improvements that will update building access control, security cameras, and door monitoring. 

Many of our core infrastructure systems (mechanical, electrical), along with roofing and blacktop/pavement have outlived their expected life cycles.  The district has continued to address preventative maintenance as much as possible; we are simply to the point where systems can no longer just be repaired. 

Improvements will be made district-wide for network infrastructure, , classroom AV and student/teacher devices. 

In addition, the Bond will address the changing needs of our students inside of the classrooms with renovations for collaborative, hands-on learning program development at all buildings.  These areas will promote critical thinking, creativity, and communication.  This bond will introduce modern learning environments for our students.

Community and Schools

Oaktree Carpeting

Many classrooms received new carpet using carpet tiles.  This will allow sections to be easily replaced in the event of damage or wear and tear.
OT Classroom Carpet  OT Carpet 1

Water Filling Stations

Across the district, water fountains have been replaced with filtered water filling stations.  These stations provide hands-free, fast bottle filling, with a Green Ticker that counts how many plastic water bottles have been saved.
Water Bottle Fill Station

Classroom Interactive Boards, Sound System & Whiteboards

Each classroom in the district received a new Boxlight Interactive board, Clarity classroom sound system and teaching wall whiteboard replacement. The Boxlight boards allow student or teacher devices to wirelessly connect so they can project their work onto the board for all to see.  By project end, the classroom sound and boards will be integrated with the paging system to allow for student announcements, emergency messages and building-wide messaging to be pushed into each classroom.   Mobile interactive boards are available in each building for use in classrooms and common areas.
Classroom AV Sound System    mobile  

Hallway Clocks,  Bell & Paging System

Hallway clocks were added and the bell and paging systems replaced in each building with a new, integrated CareHawk solution.  Intercom and emergency paging buttons allow staff and students to quickly contact the office from any classroom.  Lockdown, tornado or fire alarms will trigger an alert across the building, with visual and audio alerts on the hallway clocks.   The touchscreen console uses the building's floorplan to identify specific classrooms and zones for alerts, bells and paging.

alertpaging alert
carehawk monitor 

Security Cameras, Access Controls and
Office AI Phone/Intercom

Access control panels for the district's fire and security system have been updated.  AI Cameras and intercoms have been replaced in each office entrance.  Additional AI cameras/intercoms have been installed at loading dock doors.   These cameras allow office staff to communicate with visitors before allowing them inside the buildings.  Security Cameras have been installed throughout the district, both inside and out, allowing for more complete coverage of the campus.  Security Camera software has been upgraded to a user-friendly interface for administrators.
ai phone  outdoor camera  sonitrol panel  fisheye

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